Weight Training Tips: How To Stay Injury Free

Weight training is a popular form of exercise and can be important in staying healthy. However, some people do not do everything right to get optimal results. In this blog post, you’ll uncover 5 great weight training pointers on ways to not only get good results but also to stay injury free. These 5 tips have been used by myself and clients of mine as well to help them get great results and stay relatively injury free.

1) Don’t Ignore The Warmup

Though often overlooked and usually not looked at as important, warming up is a crucial part of staying injury free. This part of your exercise is important to establish your body and mind for the work ahead for about 15-20 minutes. A proper warm up is going to enhance blood flow to the muscles you are going to work, as well as the bordering tendons and help lubricate your joints. The best method to use before getting into your workout is to execute 5 mins of easy cardio exercise right before every single training session, then move into some slight to moderate stretching. Afterwards, Complete 4-5 warm-up exercises.

2) Make Sure You Know and Use Correct Form

It’s vital that on any movement you do in terms of weight training that you know the correct form and then be sure to always use it. Bad form on exercises like bench press, squats and deadlifts is the quickest way to end up being laid up in bed with a back injury. If you aren’t sure if your form is correct then video yourself doing these exercises and analyze the tape or get someone to look at the tape for you to give you some pointers.

3) Leave Your Ego At Home

It’s really easy to start comparing yourself to other people while you are at the gym and wind up in a weightlifting competition in your mind with someone else. It’s important to not get caught up in what other people are doing and concentrate on what you need to do. Everyone is at a different stage of their progress and even if you are a competitive powerlifter, it doesn’t matter what someone else is able to lift but instead what progress you can personally make. You may think it’ll impress some people if you can push a certain amount of weight but the truth is most people in the gym don’t care what you can do and aren’t paying attention anyways. Just do what you can do and progress on your own terms.

4) Utilize Protective Gear

It doesn’t take an avid weightlifter long to start feeling some nagging injuries that are bound to come about when you workout 4-5 days a week. The easiest areas to get injuries is the elbows, wrists and knees as these areas are prone to injuries due to overuse issues. The easiest thing one can do is utilize things like elbow sleeves, wrist wraps and other similar types of products. In terms of the wrists I can tell you that the best wrist wraps for lifting weights are from a company called Essential Fitness and they really help in preventing nagging wrist injuries that seem to always occur.

5) Know When To Back Off

Of all the things you can do to prevent injuries the one that can make the biggest difference is just listening to your body. If you will pay attention to your body you will know if you are feeling run down and if you are these are times when you are vulnerable to an injury due to overuse and or mental fatigue as well. Most injuries that I have gotten while working out came at a time when I was feeling run down mentally and/or physically and I wished I would have listened to my body. You can also just change your workout up to something not as challenging if you feel your body is telling you that you need a break.

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